Nuclear mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed on sh… don’t tell

It’s not presumed enemies we need to be fearful of. As those who live in Ukraine or Japan found out to their cost it’s their own nuclear stock which is the danger. These events hit the headlines because the consequences were all too visible with radiation being scattered far and wide across the planet. The drip feed of stories of nuclear incidents both civil and military ought to frighten us all into action. Stop this madness. Presently the world is seemingly in control of those with other ideas of individuals divorced from reality in for short term personal agendas. Individualism, which in particular the American Dream is about and sold to all of us, allows the few to impose their wishes. The truth about actual nuclear near catastrophe has been withheld. Eventually the truth will dawn.
A recent revelation was about a bomb dropping on North Carolina. These weapons, many times more powerful than those seen at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were routinely flown around. On this occasion something went wrong with the aircraft resulting in the bomb being dropped and only narrowly, we are now told, failing to detonate. Have lessons been learned or is the catastrophe the accident waiting to happen?

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