As the powerful contemplate baton rounds against protesters splits appear in their ranks

It’s Remembrance Day and the Tories are all wearing their poppies. It’s a political act as far as they are concerned. Their pride is confined to themselves and the swinging cuts imposed on the most vulnerable. But as they contemplate using plastic bullets against protesters they find that, as in the US, they are facing the veterans they say they are honouring by their pompous poppy show.
Then they have their Business Secretary, Vince Cable, saying out loud that he has a sneaking respect for the protesters’ message and that the wrong people are getting a raw deal. Stand up man and say what you think about the agenda of your running mates and their avowal to finish with the Public Sector, The dispossessed are being dispossessed. Stop pussyfooting and say what you think!
Cameron announced sometime ago that he wanted to see an end to the public sector. He’s already ensured councils do his dirty work by cutting their grants and now he wants one million jobs more to go. Statutory services can’t be met or are cut to the bone so what is on offer is meaningless. The Birmingham Council House meeting which I described in an earlier post made that clear.

One thought on “As the powerful contemplate baton rounds against protesters splits appear in their ranks

  1. SME SEO

    It’s greatly ironic that as Russia gets more liberal and allows protests that even a decade ago would have been unthinkable, Britain’s going in the other direction. Protests of all kinds are going to be banned during the period of the Olympics. Honestly, the UK gets more like old-school Russia every day.


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