Having a laugh – at our expense

Cameron is right. Our society is sick, and it starts right at the top. It is unimaginable how the ruling elite, which takes in the whole government and every party, believe they have a divine right to the cream. But over indulgence isn’t healthy as we know with the high incidence of obesity. Our “leaders”: politicians, bankers, corporate directors, are all suffering from gorging themselves. They come together wining and dining – at our expense – and then massage their salaries, bonuses, pensions. Then they tell us that the miserable pittance that people are supposed to live on is unaffordable.
At a time when we are supposed to cutting back these individuals are demanding ever higher sums for wrecking the economy. Whatever Brown and his chancellor were arguing about it seems to have been irrelevant as far as reigning in the powerful. The government clearly doesn’t control Big Money. Big Money is the Deity which eclipses all else.
As I have got tired of saying it is not only Conservatives who are privatising the health service, schools, prisons, war – you name it. New Blue Labour got there and developed the Thatcher mantra. In or out of office the Tories remained in power. Labour politicians have been involved in “the revolving door” as much as any taking lucrative corporate positions with companies whose concern about our well being is totally absent. The arms industry flogging its wares to the highest bidder never mind the morality espoused by the likes of Cameron about justification for looting Libya after Iraq. Food producers are supported in developing genetically modified crops hugely and outrageously funded by governments like in India, the US and yes the UK. Corruption reigns. But we elected these individuals didn’t we? Maybe but parties evermore control the selection of politicians with the paid party officers controlling the membership. When I first became a member of Labour the branch selected it representatives. This was made up of local residents who knew the important issues. After the Blair government took power it sent officials to tell us how we did things wrong. We selected the “wrong people”, i.e. they were too left wing in their view. Labour’s membership was a problem.

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