Cuts. Why cuts? How deep do you propose? Please tell us

We are being told that cuts are necessary because of the huge crisis of capitalism. We are told that it is necessary to cut our essential services but details have been withheld as this report makes clear.
Cuts are totally unnecessary when there are billions of pounds wasted

  • in uncollected or avoided taxes – no campaign here like that to prevent benefit fraud which brings in comparatively trivial amounts from the poorest section of society.
  • in privatised public services where money invested in the NHS, the education service etc go to swell the profits of large corporations, many of which lobby our elected members who are eager to give their services for financial reward.
  • in imported energy sources when we need to develop renewable sources with much more vigour, hydrogen power where water, not carbon is the residue. But coal imports cost £4bn annually when we have our own reserves. This is burned without the use of technology which exists to capture carbon.
  • in developing a highly dangerous and costly nuclear industry which has persuaded government to pay the cost of clean up following a catastrophe like Chernobyl. We know the environment around Sellafield is polluted and affecting the health, including that of the unborn. It changed its name once from Windscale because of its dreadful reputation following a nuclear accident.

The Socialist Labour Party is drawing attention to the inevitable outcome of the General Election where choice is limited to parties supporting the same elite establishment which wishes to pass on the cost of failed policies to working people. You have been warned!

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