The arms dealers rule OK

We know that corporations have the power to persuade, influence, to dictate or override governments with the connivance of politicians who may be getting considerable gains for their efforts. It has been noted that in the UK election debate the fact that Britain is at war is not mentioned. While it is clear that many ordinary citizens want nothing of it, the arms dealers and their mates in government have different ideas. War is profitable, so let’s have bigger and better conflicts with ever increasing and sophisticated weaponry. As we saw in the Gaza conflict that weaponry inflicts greater damage and injury to frail human beings. Injuries to both humans and livestock was reported to be extraordinary in the way it severed limbs,. The use of supposedly banned materials such as phosphorous and depleted uranium has seen to it that the unborn suffers.
So it is good to see some action being taken in the US about continuing arms sales to Israel. Arms that will potentially kill and injure more Palestinians. Arms that might well be used for more widespread conflict in the Middle East as the hawks are straining at the leash to deal with Iran.

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