Read what Hugo has to say for yourself. Don’t rely on the western press for a fair view!

Three years ago when Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, spoke at the United Nations he said he could still smell sulphur. Famously he compared President George W. Bush with “The Devil”! This year he found following President Obama that he could “smell hope”.
There is a whole lot in the interview with Chavez that is worth reading. His view of the situation in Honduras where he speaks of the “fear of democracy” referring to Noam Chomsky’s writing. He refers to US bases in Colombia and to attempts to destabilise governments in Equador and Brazil. What we see is unity on the left which has successfully resisted attempts at a right wing backlash. while Chavez refers to “a revolution” he points out that this has come from the ballot box not the by armed insurrection.

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