We’ve all lost the will to live under Capitalist Labour

So Alastair Darling has added to the melee in advance of the Labour Party Conference. “The leadership has lost the will to live” he intones. Let me tell you Alastair so have many of the rank and file of the British public who have watched New Labour take over the Tory mantel as champions of Capitalism. Those in the fortunate position to do so still command the ability to negotiate enormous salaries and pensions. Those who don’t lose jobs and pensions. One law for one group another for the rest. Who says the class system is dead as Blair used to claim as he saw to it which side he was going to be on. Clearly he is on the winning side while the rank and file of those that Labour once claimed to champion pay the bill.
I moved out of the Labour Party, away from New Labour, because their policy of privatisation of everything you can think of is so appalling. Of course those remaining in the ranks have lost the will to live. The problem is that people have no alternative among the large parties.
The Socialist Labour Party aims to field a substantial number of candidates at a General Election. Such was its success at the European elections that New Labour is pleading for the SLP not to stand. The answer would be “yes” if New Labour adopted http://www.socialist-labour-party.org.uk/myweb7/26%20POLICY%20PAGE.htm. The likelihood of that happening at the Labour Party Conference, even the mention of the “S” word, remains extremely remote.

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