Senseless economics

Even if you are a die-hard supporter of Capitalism the economics being advanced by this Government (and no opposition party will demur) seem to make little sense. We want, are desperate for, a turn around in carbon emissions. We have one, yes just one plant on the Isle of Wight which produces wind turbines, yet it is faced with closure. The Government says we need many more wind turbines to meet targets.
Here then is a golden opportunity to keep jobs and create more. The work force are resisting while the police are out is force to make sure they don’t succeed.

At the Compass Conference recently held in London Jack Dromey mentioned the threat to the Isle of Wight based operation which I believe is Danish owned. since this was a conference of the left i had expected reference to socialist solutions to such issues. At first my comments on the lack of even reference to common ownership, for example, was ignored by all speakers until Jack came up with this response. So, I commented, we as citizens want to see sustainability. Why not a Socialist solution. Polly Toynbee as chair passed on. Presumably these “left” thinkers believe that Capitalism isn’t beyond control and that it alone can provide a solution to the total chaos it creates.

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