What’s the Telegraph’s Game?

Just checked the Guardian and Independents‘ lead stories and yes for about the 10th day they’ve taken it straight from the Telegraph. Once again there mixed emotions of mirth and anger as we continue the entertainment.
But just stop for a minute and ask, as a contributer to Any Answers did, what’s the Telegraph’s purpose in trashing the electoral chances of all three major parties in the run up the European elections. All three are paid up to the continuation of capitalism in spite of the economic crisis, and yes as the Telegraph has made abundantly clear the culture of greed which inspired first Thatcherism and then Blair is thriving in the Houses of Parliament.
So who do the Telegraph believe could be the main beneficiary of it’s concerted campaign of sensational exposes? Well I’m pretty sure it isn’t one of the socialist contenders, the SLP or No2EU. Could it be the Greens? That’s not convincing either. UKIP? That’s more likely as a nationalist group but there’s one more party in contention which makes the mass hysteria more than a little worrying. As for the timing the Telegraph has had this information for some time I understand so it is no accident that it has chosen to go to print in the run up to the European Elections.
What followed the world recession of 1929? Mass unemployment and nationalism on an unprecedented scale. Some of the things on Hitler’s agenda are now there for the taking in the European Union. Worried? You ought to be. Haven’t you noticed right wing figures like Israel’s Avigdor Liebermann knocking on the door and neing let in by Gordon Brown included.

So what’s in the Telegraph today? The lead is the four MP’s who wanted parliament to be exempt from freedom of information. There’s so much that other papers have a choice with scope to run their own exclusive. One of the other stories which stands out in Editor’s Choice is about, yes the BNP, and how it stands to gain from what the Telegraph itself claims responsibility! Hang about there’s more about Nick Griffin being at the heart of a European group, and yes a forum devoted to this topic. The Telegraph feigns mock horror at the prospect. Are they warning us? If so it is unconvincing.
The story is not openly rooting for that party and its reporter speaks of being allowed in under a cloak of suspicion, but the link is still made. Far from questioning the Telegraph’s editor fellow journalists are full of praise as is Peter Preston, formerly editor of the Guardian!

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