U.S. drones attacking Pakistan affect social cohesion in U.K.

Sadiq Khan, a British M.P. has been visiting Pakistan and found deep anger among young people he met at the U.S. use of unmanned drones across the Afghan border into Pakistan. The military solution beloved of Bush and Cheney, and supported by Prime Minister Blair has always seemed to be the “recruiting sergeant” for organisations setting out on terror campaigns but vehemently denied by Blair in a recent interview. Well Blair may go on denying it but where’s the excused to continue that blindness.
Promises of change by Obama have been dampened in Afghanistan with a seamless continuation of Washington’s colonial-style policies. One of Brown’s ministers with responsibility for social cohesion has pointed out the problem in an unmistakeably clear way. Will he or anyone else take heed? Perhaps it’s already too late.

Schools are being given the task of social cohesion, but how can they respond to revelations such as this. What do teachers say to their pupils, some of whom may be of Pakistani background? Would pupils feel able to express their concerns as students evidently did in Pakistan? If they did would teachers feel it necessary to inform the police?

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