Gerry Adams on George Mitchell

Barack Obama’s appointment of George Mitchell once more signals the change we hoped for if not entirely expected. Gerry Adams gives a personal and informed view in the Guardian (28/1/2009) based on his own dealings with the man who expanded a lot of energy and patience in brokering a deal in Northern Ireland. The way in which he faced obstruction from many quarters.

Meanwhile an alternative news source reports on the Israeli governments frantic concern to avoid being dragged into the war crimes court. Whether this is more in hope I can’t tell, but one indication that the matter was being taken seriously is the story of Tzipi Livni cancelling a trip to Brussels. When it was learned that she might be arrested her staff put the trip on hold until it emerged that (regrettably) it was a hoax.
Never mind about speaking to Hamas, Mitchell will have his work cut out dealing with this bunch of criminals.

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