Evidence emerging from Gaza mounts

As the dust settles and a unilateral cease fire is announced by Israel, coincidentally in the dying embers of the Bush regime characterised by blood lust, the evidence is emerging of the crimes against humanity laid down in international law. The full horror is compounded that world leaders have acted with timidity and partiality. Israel appears to be regarded as right whatever happens in its name, the Arab world is wrong and any act to defend even human life and rights regarded as an act of terror. Eyewitness accounts can be read here.
Thus people of the tiny stature of Blair can rail against the rocket parts smuggled into Gaza through tunnels. Little matter that here is a population caged in like animals while state-of-the art weaponry of unimaginable horror is unleashed indiscriminately against men, women and children. Their injuries are said to be horrific, but the illegal use of phosphorous we know about and there are suggestions that depleted uranium is present in the wounded. Much of this is manufactured in the U.S. and it wasn’t smuggled clandestinely through rabbit warrens. Bush, Blair and others are complicit in war crimes and many others have failed to act.

In great contrast people across the world have been registering their putrage and support for a beleagured people. In Birmingham thousands rallied following the more than 200,000 ewho had marched in London a week earlier. It is not just one rally, but they are repeated week in week ot and they are growing. They take place in smaller towns and coties like Lichfield and Worcester around Birmingham.
The media continues to be supine and coverage has been one-sided. The huge rally in London a week ago was overshadowed in reporting by the pro-Israel support on the following Sunday in Trafalgar Square. The Israeli ambassador appears in print 2,000% more frequently than is Palestinian counterpart.

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