Demonstrate Wednesday 28th January 1:00pm Styal Prison

Demonstrate Wednesday 28th January 1:00pm
Styal Prison, Styal Road
Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 4HR
Prison campaigners and mothers Joan Meredith and Yvonne Bailey have called a demonstration to take place. The call for protest comes after the latest self-inflicted death of mother Alison Colk at HMP Styal on 8th January 2009.
The campaigning organisation INQUEST has referred to Styal as:
‘a prison with a disturbing history of deaths of vulnerable women’.
Joan Meredith and Yvonne Bailey have worked together with and supported prison justice movements such as INQUEST, No More Prisons, the late Pauline Campbell and The Howard League for Penal Reform for several years. They are both mothers and wish to help stop the devastating effects of such deaths.
Further information and interviews from:
1. Joan Meredith: 01948-860862 or mobile (available on mobile from
Wednesday at 12.00 noon): 0781-6928232
2. Yvonne Bailey: (on Wednesday at the demonstration)
Background links and articles:
Joan Meredith | Yvonne Bailey
News release by Frances Laing, freelance journalist and blogger.

The death of Alison Colk at Styal Prison is the first death of a woman in prison in 2009. Pauline Campbell made a point of calling a demonstration each time this happened. Following her tragic death last year others have taken up the challenge and are staging a demonstration outside Styal Prison.
Styal is the place where Pauline’s daughter, Sarah, died in 2004. The verdict, as Pauline reminded us constantly was that her daughter died because of neglect. Alison Colk was sentenced to 28 days and she died on the first day. Styal’s record is awful as can seen by other posts sent in by Pauline Campbell.
Inquest has sent out a press release.
Pauline Campbell at an earlier demonstration outside Styal shortly before her untimely death in 2008.

In memory of Pauline Cambell.

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