No Holy Wine this Christmas

Members of a church who attempted to import altar wine from Bethlehem have found that it has been embargoed and labelled as a “security risk”.
I had the same problem when I bought a couple of bottles from a shop in Bethlehem. The security officer at Tel Aviv air port turned the bottles over, shook them and asked endless questions about where they were from and the circumstances in which they were acquired. My friend, who had at least half a dozen bottles, meanwhile walked through without hindrance.
As we know all too well the possession of even water poses a security hazard since liquids combined can form an explosive mix.

However the question of exports and imports from the West Bank has become an issues for other reasons. Israeli producers and manufacturers who have built their businesses on illegally confiscated Palestinian land are marketing their products as “from the West Bank”. Companies such as Waitrose are putting these on sale in their stores in the UK. It is deliberately misleading. While we wish to support Palestinians, who are having a very thin time with a wall being driven across their territory, and being hindered and harassed in every conceivable way, we don’t wish to reward illegality.

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