How many Americans would love to do this?

A well aimed shoe made the retiring President of the US duck. Reaction in the Arab world has been to shower the journalist responsible with praise. So much for security in Baghdad during Bush’s surprise and final visit. Throwing shoes it seems is a calculated insult in Iraq – they were thrown at Saddam Hussain’s statue before it was pulled down. The thrower shouted with the first that “it was a goodbye kiss – you dog” and with the second it was for the thousands to had been killed during the US stay. Later shoes were thrown at a U.S. convoy. Bush characteristically brushed the incident aside remarking that they were size 10. He wanted to know about the journalist “what’s his beef” More.

On the face of it Bush is intent on making the most of the twilight days do why shouldn’t the rest of us. It seems Bush has been left with rather an excess of personal power to put all kinds of spokes into the Obama wheel – and he’s making the most of it, so if it was Obama or friend aiming the shoe it would be justly deserved. Even so it will be a great shame if the visual sensation overshadows Bush’s stealthy vindictive acts.

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