Cuba: the nuts and bolts and why Socialism is necessary

Once more I am interested to read how Cuba pulls together in spite of the turbulence of economic embargoes and destructive hurricanes. While Fidel Castro has passed on his office he remains in possession of detail of what is needed to keep the essentials going and clear of priorities to the most vulnerable and needy.
In his reflections published in Granma he describes in some detail the post-hurricane situation and what is needed to keep going. He contrasts the way people are pulling together is in marked contrast to the turmoil that more affluent and developed nations, the behaviour of governments and outcomes for working people. This is not a rant about political theory, far from it. It is a practical demonstration of how a state can and should care for its people.

Apart from catering for internal needs Cuba continues to help others substantially with medical and educational aid. In return five of Cuba’s people are locked away in US jails unable to make contact with their families. They are there because they uncovered terrorist plots to return Cuba to its former playground for the wealthy and often criminal fraternity. This has been successfully resisted for 50 years now an dis encouraging others to follow a socialist path by democratic means. This is happening in Venezuela, Bolivia and Equador where socialist leaders were elected. Many others are watching and will follow.

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