War spills into Pakistan

It would probably be easier to count the number of countries the U.S. hasn’t bombed – with civilians often taking the brunt of the “shock and awe” (=”terrorist”?) actions. Now Pakistan where it is said most of the casualties are again civilian.
Bush is seeking British support. It’s looking likely after Brown is pausing for thought – no not his, the warmongering lot who advise governments I suppose.
Meanwhile Sarah Palin has been exposing herself. She will be prepared she says to commit U.S. troops against Russia to support Georgia and Ukraine, and supported Bush’s incursion into Pakistan without the need to consult the Pakistan government.
Vladimir Putin has been saying why Russia reacted to being given “a bloody nose” and playing down the idea that we’re entering a new cold war era. Russia is not trying to rebuild the Soviet empire he maintained. Can’t say exactly that they’re doing nowt though.

It is thought that Osama bin Laden is lurking in the Waziristan region, so is Bush making a last desperate attempt to nail him before he (Bush) leaves town? Whatever I’m booking my ticket for the “Stop the War” campaign in Manchester on 20th September.

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  1. Javier

    My Grandfather was in one of the Pals Battalions during the Great War, weehvor I’m not exactly sure which, and I was hoping you might be able to steer me in the right direction. My main research hurdle is that I live in Australia (where he emmigrated to after the War), so apart from hardcopy oral history record of his experience I found in the Australian War Memorial, I’ve only had access to what I can find online.His name was Harold Leslie Britt and his orginal service number was 15 /1305. He enlisted during 1915 and lied about his age, as he was only 16 at the time, though his DOB was 19th March. I also believe that in France he was in the 13th Brigade / 5th Division (based on details from his oral history). In 1916, he transfered to Stokes Mortars during their intial formation, which it seems was attached at the Brigade level, not Division or above (do you know if this is correct??). Also, I’ve read that the Stokes Mortar batteries were still part of the Infantry Corps, as opposed to the Artillery. However, what we believe to be his discarch papers (they’re VERY faded), indicate he was transfered to the Royal Artillery Corps, Service No: 78/420, as a gunner. Do you know if that may have been the case, or am I on a wild goose chase??Appologies for the confusing nature of my request. Any assistance, pointers etc you could give would be very much appreciated. Also, I’m more than happy to arrange a copy of his oral history and send it over if that’s of interest. I adored my Grandfather and cherish the hours I spent listening to his stories. Documenting his history is my way of honoring his memory and the cherished memories I have of him.Kind RegardsMatt


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