The dead hand of Ofsted moves on pre-school

The fetish with recording even young children’s academic achievements advances into pre-school years. Ofsted complain that fewer child minders are being rated as “good”.
One of this group says that last year she had a high rating, but this year it had dropped to satisfactory. Why? Evidently it was a matter of a failure to supply adequate paperwork now being added to the tasks of child minders as has already happened in schools. So it is not the child care which is being looked at, but the ability to tick boxes. The carer concerned said that it was unlikely she would be taking more children next year.
We can agree that the wellbeing and safety of children is paramount, and that the standard of that care is high. However the bureaucratic impositions that have done such damage in so many institutions can easily become counterproductive.

The over testing of young children has proven to be unnecessary and harmful to young people, and placed a distraction from education. Schools become more like training establishments. Children should be enjoying their young years, but more and more impositions add stress replicating the pressures of the adult world.

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