Gordon Brown spoke in the Midlands the day after the loss of Glasgow East. To trades unionists his message was “NO LEFT TURN”. If you haven’t got a reverse gear the only options left are to carry straight on or go eternally right. The supposition is that the unionists are far left, way beyond public opinion. Recently unions made 130 demands to New Labour, but they only wanted parity of treatment of staff in the new academies. This privatisation of a public service goes beyond what people want adn thought they had ditched with Thatcher.
So no left turn, we’ll continue feeding the owners of Northern Rock whether they’ve made a complete mess of the business or whether they haven’t. Fuel and food prices can rocket skyward but those who provide our essential needs can take joy from the record profits without a murmer. Vote Tory? Well it’s a continuation of Thatcherism that we’ve seen under New Labour so that’s a waste of time. Lib-Dems. What the hell do they stand for? Happy to go along with the Tories here in Brum!

So let’s tell Brown to go. Hasn’t been there five minutes so like Tories and Lib-Dems it’s musical leaders. Who’s there to pick up the reigns. Only New Labour’s look alikes. Jack “mind removing your veil when you speak to me” Straw, David “Wild birds brought in ‘flu to Bernard Matthews poultry business” Milliband (or was that his brother?), the more Liam Byrne comes out with vacuous comments the higher he climbs the New Labour ladder. There was hope when Gordon Brown came that he would be different to Blair and for a time he encouraged the view. Now you can’t tell the difference, not from policies pursued. The same war mongering, same privatisation of public services. People say on the door step they do not like it! Have you seen anyone in New Labour prepared to say different? No socialism in sight. No prospect of help for working people. Can’t touch the big players ‘cos they’ll disappear abroad in the globalisation game of exploit the worker. Heinz took HP sauce went to Holland and now Spain in spite of its associations with UK. HEINZ MEANZ NO JOBS in Birmingham at least.

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