Oil profits up, Buffett gives Obama advice so all’s well.

Don’t worry you’re in good hands as BP announce a rise in profits in spite of problems with their Russian partners. Russia accounts for a sizable chunk of their business. Meanwhile back at the ranch Obama takes time to worry about the rise in price of fuel and food, so step forward Warren Buffett, supposedly the richest person in the world, a noted philanthropist, called in to give some thought to how we ordinary mortals can be helped.
The present administration find the economic crisis handy for explaining away the record budget deficit facing the U.S. Nothing to do with spending on Iraq and Afghanistan you understand. While Obama has always said he’s against the Iraq war Afghanistan he says is a priority. And Iran? Israel can’t wait to get going and recent words from Bush, Obama Brown is doing nothing to restrain them. While it looked like Condi Rice had stalled the rush to Tehran, war is on the agenda and it could be nuclear.
All this seems to be playing into Obama’s hands, eclipsing McCain who can only sit by moaning about the press coverage he’s not getting.

How can it be that the very forces that contribute to unfettered consumerism are seen as a solution the the problem? The simple answer is they’re not. However they are sustained by media hype which continues to sell the celebrity concept.
Once again people are mobilising in all parts of the world, including U.S.A. Mobilising against further aggression and further costly wars. In U.S.A. we see the beneficiaries: those corporations involved in the arms and security industries who profit from government procurement and acquire huge profits for their shareholders, shareholders like one Dick Cheney, a leading aggressor in the American administration.

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