World food crisis. Capitalism to the rescue

Why is there a crisis in the availability of food world wide? Phil Woolas, another New Labour wonder, knows the answer that we don’t. He goes straight into bed with Monsanto and other huge industrial giants responsible for plundering the earth and exploiting labour. “GM crops” will rescue us. We’ve been here before. No, Mr Blair, going to war is not the answer for dealing with Iraq, you’ve been warned. Privatisation won’t improve the quality of our health, our education, our prisons as we learn to our cost daily.
Learn? We all suffer but members of the government don’t, won’t learn. To solve a problem you need a different approach to the one that put you there in the first place.

“Green groups reacted angrily to the prospect of a government rethink. Clare Oxborrow, GM campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said: “Industry claims that GM crops are necessary to feed the world are a cynical attempt to use the food crisis for financial gain – and governments should look at the industry’s record before believing the hype.
‘After a decade of commercialisation most GM crops are used for animal feed, not food; they do not yield more than conventional crops; and GM drought and salt-tolerant crops remain a PR promise rather than reality. We now need a radical shift towards sustainable farming systems that genuinely benefit local farmers communities and the environment worldwide.’
Jan van Aken, agricultural campaigner for Greenpeace International, said: ‘I am appalled that the GM industry is abusing the misery of millions of hungry people around the world, using it as propaganda to sell a product by claiming it would reduce hunger. By all means the Government can have a look at it, but it should look at the facts and then drop it. There is no science behind the industry’s claim.’ “
(Source Independent 19/6/2008)

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