The death of a woman prisoner. Yes, it’s Styal again

Announcement from Pauline Campbell.

Lisa Marley, aged 32,
died on 23 January 2008, while in the care of Styal Prison, Cheshire
Demonstration will take place on Tuesday 5 February 2008
at 1.30 pm, for the duration of the afternoon,
outside HMP & YOI Styal, Styal Road, Styal, Nr Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 4HR
Banners will be displayed, and flowers laid in memory of Lisa
All are welcome to attend, including reporters/photographers
Lisa Marley is the first woman to die in prison in 2008.
Ms Marley, a mother, was being held on remand at Styal Prison when she died.
The demonstration will be led by Pauline Campbell, mother of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, 18, who died in the so-called care of Styal Prison and Young Offender Institution (YOI) on 18 January 2003.
The protest on Tuesday 5 February 2008 will be the 28th demonstration to be held outside women’s prisons in England since protests began in April 2004.
To date, Pauline Campbell has been arrested 14 times, and has stood criminal trial just once [26.09.07] when the judge threw the case out of court. More.
Figures refer to apparently self-inflicted deaths, England and Wales. (There are no women’s prisons in Wales.)

(1) Styal’s troubled history is well known: between August 2002-August 2003, six women died in the ‘care’ of the jail. Sarah Campbell was the third woman to die in this appalling sequence and, at 18, the youngest.
(2) The six women who died between August 2002-August 2003, and dates of death: Nissa Anne Smith, aged 20 (10.08.02); Anna Clare Baker, aged 29 (26.11.02); Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, aged 18 (18.01.03); Jolene Willis, aged 25 (20.04.03); Hayley Dawn Williams, aged 41 (04.06.03); Julie Bernadette Walsh, aged 39 (12.08.03) – “a clear example of corporate manslaughter” (INQUEST, London):
(3) Further deaths at Styal Prison: Valerie Hayes, aged 42, died on 10 May 2006; Helen Mary Cole, aged 48, died on 3 June 2007; and Lisa Marley, aged 32, died on 23 January 2008.
(4) BBC Online News report.
“Woman found hanging in jail cell”; published 25.01.08:
(5) Blackpool Gazette: “Prisoner found hanging dies”; last updated 25.01.08:
(6) HM Chief Inspector of Prisons report on Styal, published on 9 May 2006 – the day before Valerie Hayes’ death – said the jail had failed to implement eight out of 12 recommendations to prevent women trying to hurt or kill themselves.
When Labour took office in 1997, the number of women and girls locked up was 2,629.
Number of females imprisoned as at 25 January 2008: 4,402 – yet there has been no equivalent increase in the number of women committing offences, or of women committing more serious crimes.
“The tragic death of the young mother Lisa Marley highlights a great injustice whereby women are being detained in prisons that cannot meet their human needs. Prisons have a duty to take care of everyone entrusted to them, and any death represents a failure.
“Lisa Marley is the sixth woman to die in the care of Styal Prison since my daughter’s death in January 2003, raising serious questions about the prison’s custodial care record. I am angry that lessons have not been learned.
“On Friday 18 January 2008, I laid flowers outside the prison to commemorate the 5th anniversary of my daughter’s death. I was shocked and saddened to learn that the very next day, Lisa was discovered hanging in her cell.
“Lisa’s death brings back painful memories for me. Both Lisa and my daughter Sarah were carried out of the jail unconscious, and taken to Wythenshawe Hospital. Both died without regaining consciousness.
“Forty-one women have died in prisons in England since my daughter’s death. Prisons are unsafe places which constantly fail to uphold the duty of care that the Prison Service has to all prisoners. People must speak out. It’s mediaeval.” [Pauline Campbell]
(a) The Howard League for Penal Reform – the oldest penal reform charity in the world –
(b) Inquest, London – works directly with bereaved people following a death in custody; specialist advice to the media –
Pauline Campbell
[Bereaved mother of Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, 18, who died in the so-called care of Styal Prison, 18.01.03]
Trustee of The Howard League for Penal Reform
Awarded The 2005 Emma Humphreys Memorial Prize

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