Palestinian Mothers cry for help

What is going on in Palestine and particularly in Gaza is taking place in full view of the world. Yet no one of the candidates in the US elections will utter a world. The only voice from America’s leadership is from former President Jimmy Carter.
What is going on n Palestine is dictated by people who have never been to that part of the world but hold onto some sort of dream which manifests itself as Zionism. As power is being shut down in Gaza, food withheld and medical help women of Palestine plead for outside help.
At the same time in the West Bank Palestinian land continues to be seized by the Israeli government despite its illegality even in Israeli terms.

Weekly reports come from the village of Bil’in outside of Ramallah as villagers protest long with supporters from the international community. Weekly there are serious injuries as Israeli soldiers fire on protesters with rubber coated metal bullets, tear gas and so on.
Three injured in the weekly Bil’in Nonviolent action
Friday January 18, 2008 18:39 -ffj
The villagers of Bil’in located near the Central West Bank city of Ramallah, along with their international and Israeli supporters conducted their weekly demonstration against the illegal Israeli wall on Friday.
The theme of this week’s demonstration was calling on the international community to force Israeli to stop its deadly attacks on Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip. As is the case each week the protesters marched from the village centre towards the construction of the illegal wall Israel is building on the village land.
As soon as the protestors reached a barricade set up by the Israeli soldiers just outside the village, Israeli troops fired tear gas and rubber coated metal bullets on the unarmed protesters injuring three of them. Among those injured was Ibraheem Burnat one of the coordinators of the Popular Resistance against the Wall and Settlement Committee in the village of Bil’in.
Meanwhile near Ramallah, villagers from several villages east of Ramallah along with international and Israeli peace activists protested at the settler road known as 443 that cuts through those villages. Troops attacked the protesters with tear gas and several people suffered gas inhalation injuries and were moved to a nearby medical center for treatment.
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The Bilin Friends of freedom and Justice -society
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