Blair can’t take a hint

Just as you think and hope you have heard the last of him, up he comes again. Blair, evidently egged on by Sarkozy, is standing for the permanent presidency of the E.U. In contrast Bush got the message and made himself scarce. No one wanted him around their campaign for the next presidency!
Familiar too is the cant emerging from Blair. There is no right and left, people just want to be saved by people like him from terrorists and all the other bogeys all invented and put about by the right. Everything about Blair is right wing from his Thatcherite policies to his religious affiliations, his support for the extremist government of Israel and failure to understand the dispossession of the poor. The good news is that Europeans generally didn’t like his stance on Iraq, nor his lack of enthusiasm for the Euro. In the latter case he might have a point, but from my point of view I don’t like the way that the new Europe is dominated by trade rather than humanity.

Now the Blairs are celebrities and command endless sources of wealth. Yet he pretends to be apolitical. that “third way” he used to bang on about. We never did find out what it meant. It was a meaningless as his own groundless views which stemmed from his public school Tory upbringing. His friend also betray his positioning. First Bush, now Sarkozy. If European leaders have any sense they’ll steer well clear.

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