Israel and Palestine – the reality viewed by the Red Cross

Neither side is safe in the situation where two states stay locked together. the one occupying the other in an extremely unequal struggle. Both sides are struggling. Impartiality is hardly possible but humanitarian organisations such as the Red Cross must attempt to be so to retain credibility in their vital work. Their comments therefore need to be read and considered very carefully, which is why I am making a link here.
“The Red Cross said Israel had the right to protect its population but ‘the balance between [its] legitimate security concerns and the right of the Palestinian people to live a normal life has not been struck’ “. Source The Independent 14.12.2007.

All this was in the context of a meeting to take peace forward co-chaired by Tony Blair. We wish Mr Blair every success, but to date his partiality has been in question. We shall have to see.

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