Business as usual

The extraordinary situation, where private companies have become an integral part of the war effort, continues as Blackwater provides security for convoys supplying forces in Baghdad. At one time privatisation of what was considered the business of the state was unthinkable, but the U.S. has driven not only coach and horses, but a whole army through the dearly held principle. Margaret Thatcher found herself unable to move in this direction and it wasn’t until New Labour moved in with Blair and friends that we find schools, health, prisons swept into the privatiastion pot. Gordon’s recent flirtation with Maggie was no empty gesture.

That we are in a deep hole in our competition for scarce resources, putting human need aside becomes apparent by the day. How deep the hole is is shown in our bid for the spoils of pff shore deposits in the South Atlantic. France too is making the most of its past colonial adventures. How it’s all going to work out without more tears is not al all clear. What is clear as the Arctic ice cap melts is that global warming is going to dictate the agenda whatever. Far from addressing that imperative global business needs continues to wave two fingers.

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