Letters to the W.M. Labour Party – ignored

These letters were sent as e-mails to the Regional Office of the West Midlands Labour Party. Like others commenting on their strange behaviour they were ignored!
Keith, You’ll find the majority of members very unhappy with the imposition of a
candidate. There is no need, so why do outsiders want to interfere with the
ward? A pro forma. Yes. The Regional Office should have put out a simple yes/no
reply slip. You didn’t so we did. Paulette is a good candidate, but she will not
gain support by acting this way. I am aware there is one person who felt misled
by being approached, but I’m not aware of any others. Most people want to see
democracy at work within the Labour Party.
I understand that it was decided to count all members of the Ward not just those
eligible to vote. That’s a nonsense. I think there are things here which can be
No meeting in January. Not only do we have an imposition, we are not even told
what is happening. We don’t get a chance to choose delegates for the Birmingham
Labour Party which some of us campaigned for. Maybe it’s time to go back to the
press! Tariq told me he cancelled because he wasn’t getting support to deliver
agendas. I was told I was to blame for not supplying the minutes, which is
untrue. They went to the secretary, who never turns up at meetings.
I understand under current legislation I can ask for a membership list. If that
is so I’d like it.
Sincerely, John
I don’t know if you have got the message yet that members of this ward are
extremely angry at the discourteous way they are treated. A decision was taken
but no notification, or even ratification requested. Members are beneath
contempt in the view of the Regional Office. I was unable to attend this
evenings meeting since I was working. I now hear that it was an “informal
meeting”. The calling notice said nothing about that. At an earlier meeting it
was announced by the MP that it was the first proper meeting after being set up
buy the Constituency. I took minutes in the absence (again) of the secretary.
I think people made it abundantly clear that an imposed candidate will not get
support in a campaign. The view is “let the Birmingham Labour Party fight the
campaign” if they wish to decide who represents the ward.
The Region decided 20% of the membership could call for a selection. Again a
decision was made that a proportion wasn’t eligible even though vaild signatures
were presented. This would not stand up in a court of law.
If you don’t do something about the matter now there will be significant action.
Members are furious: many more than those who showed their feelings at tonight’s
meeting. I think our MP got the message at least.

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