Confiscated bananas

Jericho is a very old city and fits its description of “a land flowing with milk and honey”, that is until now. It is Palestinian land under occupation. Bananas and dates continue to be grown there, but the label “Palestinian Produce” has been replaced with “Israeli Produce”.
Nancy Pelosi, against the best advice of George W. Bush, has held talks with the Syrian leader. This he says has undermined his policy of isolating member countries defined as the “axis of evil”. She brought a message from Israel’s President Olmert saying that they wanted peace talks. However while the talks about talks points to something a long way off the above example illustrates how Palestinian land confiscation continues apace across the West Bank. Both Democrats and Republicans deal with Israel without mentioning Palestine, yet it is this question which is at the heart of the Middle East crisis. Where does the Palestinian President Abbas come into the picture?

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