New Labour sold its soul.

All the serious Sunday papers today (11/3/2007) lead with the scandal of medical care for troops wounded in one of Blair’s wars. Although we’re spending millions this clearly isn’t enough to do one, let alone two jobs properly. I’m not saying I think the troops should be there in the first place. They ain’t there in my name! But expecting them to be effective without sufficient or effective equipment – lack of protective clothing for example is – can’t think of an appropriate word – disastrous?
Now we hear that seriously wounded soldiers in Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital lack proper care. Indeed relatives have been telling the Observer about unbelievable incidents that have occurred. It appears that care is only part time. The Independent talks about those traumatised by their unimaginable experiences but it is left to families to care for depression and nightmares.
New Labour. Not what I joined. Record numbers in prison including vulnerable women and children, some committing self harm daily and a large number dying as a result. Some of these institutions are privatised. So our taxes are going into providing profits for businesses. Staff are probably on low pay and inexperienced in caring for people with multiple problems.
Ditto health and education.Blair doesn’t want to go without a legacy, and that won’t be socialism. More Academies funded by businesses, more companies making a profit on people’s misfortunes. Just don’t be ill.
Then there’s gambling. Suddenly as a new super casino is announced someone pipes up about the damage of people – those least able to afford it – getting hooked.
We now see destitute people on the streets. The presumption is that they don’t deserve help, that they are there to get hand outs from a generous state. This week a young child knocked at my door asking for money. The little girl didn’t speak any English so I couldn’t ask her about herself or her family.
There is apparently unlimited funding for the armaments in the U.K. and U.S.A. And they want to commit billions on a Trident replacement.

For our pains we have adverse reports on the well being of our children. Rock bottom of the industrialised nations. The don’t care attitude of New Labour has rubbed off. It was Thatcher who brought about political change in Britain, and it is New Labour, not a Tory administration taking that ideology forward to a point Thatcher herself could only dream of. Blair we know had a Tory upbringing, but what about the hangers on. Reid was supposedly a communist once. Blunkett used to preside over the “Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire”, although those who knew him said he was always arrogant. Jack Straw just one of those bating Islam.
Labour in Birmingham have lost Muslim members in droves, yet have done little stem the flow let alone reverse it. Respect and the Lib Dems have been the beneficiaries – although the latter did not learn from Labour’s mistakes and many quickly left.
Injustice and inhumanity are not hallmarks of a civilised society. Blair joins with Bush endorsing “the Axis of Evil”. Need to take that beam out of your own eye first mate.

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