Holding out the olive branch

The PNN reports (12/2/2007) how non-violent demonstrations continue in spite of massive provocation. You see the apartheid wall divides olive trees from their owners. Construction of the wall also means that water supplies are diverted.
On the bulldozed land olive trees are being planted. Many of the trees that have been wilfully uprooted in Palestine by occupying Israeli forces are age old and date back to biblical times. They are a major part of the Palestinian economy and so many livelihoods are being destroyed. Not only are Palestinian farmers harassed but the military but settlers also attack them while harvesting the crop, or maybe steal the olives.

I have bought Palestinian olive oil and intend to get more. A Fair Trade Company advertises on the web. This is a way of supporting farmers: a word of caution since it has been found that Israeli firms operating on confiscated Palestinian land have advertised their produce as “Palestinian”.

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