Obama in 2008

Barack Obama seems to have been making plenty of headlines in the U.S. at least. His meetings are full, but according to a Washington Post article he believes he would rather wait to 2012 or even 2016 when he would have greater experience.
Then there’s the raking over of his earlier life: experiments with pot and so on. This came to light in his early book ” ‘Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’ has regularly been on the bestseller lists, with 800,000 copies in print. Taken along with his latest bestseller, ‘The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream,’ Obama has become a genuine publishing phenomenon.” (Washington Post 3/1/2007).

At least the admission comes from himself rather than being dug out by a journalist or political opponent. His candour is something which people have found appealing, but it can work both ways. His earlier book documents his life with an absent father who returned to his native Kenya. His experiences it would seem will be something many can identify with.
” ‘This is not the kind of book you would ever expect a politician to write,” said GOP consultant Alex Vogel. “Anyone who has a career in politics has to be concerned with what’s in their past, but there is no question that Americans have an appetite for redemption.’ “

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