On the treadmill

They say we need to save the planet. To reverse global warning we cut down on carbon emissions. More people want to fly so more planes are being built and airports expanded.
Here in the Midlands, with Birmingham at the centre of things, a group of people are busily lobbying parliament for a replacement to New Street Station. The new 125 mph service to London Euston is to be expanded, but “meltdown” is expected in 8 or 9 years time.
So there is success in getting people onto trains, but there isn’t the infrastructure to cope. The huge cost of the West Coast mainline seems already obsolete. If we want to get to the continent Eurostar starts in London. That need to reach out and joining with other cities: Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow for a start.
In Germant the tragic crash of the magnetic levitation trial reminds us of that technology which I thought was once being developed in the U.K. Hydrogen fuels. Where are they? I saw it being developed in Italy around Venice but it all seems out of view. We are on a treadmill to destruction which we are unable – an unwilling to get off. The problem is that the Haves consume a growing amount which, we’re told, will need three planets to sustain. The Havenots want to catch up so China and India are polluting their atmosphere more and more to do so. Instead of jumping to new available technologies they are using those that so damaged the west. Birmingham has lost MG/Rover to China and are building cars to block and pollute their cities.

We have targets for cutting emissions, but our economies, and the new growing economies are on the treadmill, it appears with no way off. But there are the technologies which we could probably afford – that is if we didn’t plan to replace Trident. Once again, like lemmings, on the road to self-destruction.

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