Developing the Curriculum for Equality in primary schools in Kings Norton, Birmingham

Developing the Curriculum for Citizenship & Equality
Issues and Resources
1. Issues: migration, a problem or benefit?
Popular accounts of migrants play up fears on employment, alien influences and lawlessness. Evidence does not confirm these fears with contrary views that migrant labour has been a valuable and necessary contribution to the economy. A poll asking Muslims about being British found the vast majority identified with Britishness despite experiencing hostility in the media and in society.
The Independent 23/8/2006
“Immigration: This island’s story.”
“How immigrants sustain Britain’s economic growth.”

The Independent 7/9/2006
“Women migrants ‘suffer double discrimination’ “
Women migrants are at risk of exploitation and abuse, yet “they contribute billions to the economies of the countries they travel to in terms of taxes,,1867528,00.htmland consumption…”
Guardian 23/8/2006
.“New in the U.K: the ‘guest’ workforce who don’t stay long”
“Slice of life from 71 countries.”
Guardian 28/8/2006
“Why minorities feel marginalised”
Guardian 7/9/2006
“Muslim girls surge ahead at school but held back at work”
“Black teachers face bullying and racism, survey finds”
ICM poll of 500 Muslims carried out in February 2006.
The vast majority of those surveyed were positive about Western society (80%). Only 7% were negative thinking it was decadent. 12% didn’t answer the question.
2. Resources:
including case studies of people who have become involved with their adopted countries in conflict and peace
Daily Telegraph 23/8/2006
Proud to be Muslim, a soldier and British.” L/Cpl Jabron Hashmi from Birmingham, killed in Iraq this year.
Islam for Today
Muslims in Britain Past and Present

Columnist Brig (retd) Noor A Husain
Muslims in the British Army during World War 2
Memories of my Sister.
Pir Vilyat Inyat Khan remembers Noor Inyat Khan G.C., killed by the Gestapo in Dachau in 1944.
U.K. Navy gets first Muslim Admiral 14/4/2006
British Community Pays Tribute to War Veterans
Birmingham Council House 2005
Squadron Leader Pujji’s Story
Observer 10/11/2002.
Caribbean honour officially restored.
String of Pearls National Army Museum
Accounts of Caribbean contribution to European wars from 18th Century
The Black Presence in Britain
includes a wide range of people, including
Una Marson, broadcaster
Harold Moody, doctor etc.
The site has many biographies which include:
John Alcindor, doctor
Walter Tull soldier, World War 1
Sylvester Williams, organiser of the First Pan-African Conference in London in 1900.
Samuel Coleridge Taylor, composer
John Archer, Mayor of Battersea
Shapurji Saklatvala, M.P.
William Cuffay, taylor and Chartist.
When the boat comes in: where I live – Tyne. Foreign seamen. Muslim community.
Jimmy Durham. The sergeant’s boy from Sudan.
Arthur Wharton. The first black footballer.
Black Romans.
Asian Britain
Quiz on Black People in Britain and Europe includes William Davidson, William Cuffay, Elizabeth Lindsay, Olaudah Equiano, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Claudia Jones and Alexandre Dumas.
Ranjitsinji, cricketer
History of Estevanico
The Story of Sir Francis Drake
Drake works with the Maroons in Panama against the Spanish
The Black Mozart: The Knight of Saint-George.

The Black Jacobins

St Maurice and the Theban Legion.
News from Nowhere
Asian cinema
Sikh Cyber Museum
Channel 4 Untold story
For Black History Month 2000 Channel 4 launched The Black and Asian History Map of the British Isles. The map is an extensive gateway to existing and newly created websites, searchable by location, time and subject, documenting the black and Asian presence in British history. It is an exciting, interactive resource to which you can add your own contribution. Click on the image below to go to the map.
The commitment to examine the intimate relationship between mainstream British history and stories of black and Asian Britain continues on the Untold website. Use the forum for questions and debate. Get started tracing your roots in the genealogy section. Add your own contribution to the telling of black history by joining the Black & Asian History Map project. Test your knowledge of black British history with the Blagger’s Game.

Display book list
1. Roots of the Future. Ethnic diversity in the making of Britain
2. Staying Power. The History of Black People in Britain
An essential reference for teachers
3. Spy Princess. The life of Noor Inyat Khan
Noor Inyat Khan served as a radio operator with French Resistance. She died at the hands of the Gestapo at Dachau in1943..
4. Making Connections. Birmingham Black International History
5. Dadabhai Naoroji. Britain’s First Asian M.P. Primary school text
6. Asian Presence in Europe Primary school text
Short biographies from 19th and 20th centuries
7. Muslims in Britain. Profile of a community
8. Victorian Britain. Invisible Victorians
Photocopiable teaching materials to ensure equality issues are address within the National Curriculum. Includes teaching material
9. Tudor and Stuart Times. A global perspective
Photocopiable teaching material showing what was happening in Asia, Africa and the Americas as well as Europe during the period including links. A timechart is included which fits in with the pack on Benin.
10. Benin. Art and society.
Photocopiable teaching pack tracing Benin art from the production of the remarkable bronze sculptures to the commercialization following the development of trading links with Europe.
11. The World of Islam up to 1500s Primary school text
12. The World of Islam up to 1500s Teachers’ notes
13. The Story of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Primary school text
14. Rani of Jhansi. Primary school text
15. Women in India and Pakistan
Illustrates achievements and strengths
16. Thomas Clarkson and the Campaign Against Slavery
17. Chinese Migrations. Primary school text
18. African Migrations, Primary school text
19. The Black Parliamentarian vol 1/2
20. Across Seven Seas and Thirteen Rivers. Life stories of Pioneer Sylheti Settlers in Britain
21. Our war. How the British Commonwealth Fought the Second World War
22. Invisible Europeans. Black People in the New Europe
23. Many Struggles. West Indian Workers and Service Personnel in Britain 1939-1945
24. The British Empire in Colour book and DVD
25. Black Writers in Britain 1760-1890
26. Portraits of Black Achievement. Composing successful careers
27. Jamaica Airman. A black airman in Britain 1943 and after
28. Froudacity
JJ Thomas’s riposte to the British historian James Froude’s assertion that black people could not govern. Froude was a friend of Thomas Carlyle. JJ Thomas used his savings to go to London to present his work. He died of tuberculosis shortly after he achieved this.
29. The Black Jacobins. Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution.
CLR James first published this in English in 1938. He wrote:
“I was tired of reading and hearing about Africans being persecuted and oppressed in Africa, in the Middle Passage, in the USA and all over the Caribbean, I made up my mind I would write a book in which Africans and people of African descent instead of being the object of other peoples’ exploitation and ferocity would themselves be taking action on a grand scale and shaping other people to their own needs.”
30. Slavery. An introduction to the African Holocaust
Includes accounts of resistance and rebellion
31. The Black West
This well illustrates how the film industry and media have constructed an exclusive image which differs from reality
32. Cornrows Primary school text
A wonderful opportunity to enter into the world of black history and culture
33. Scripts of the World. Primary school text
34. Hands on. South Asian Crafts
Europe: Variations on a Theme of Racism. Race & Class vol 32/3
European nations have their own histories and experience as colonisers and each country had a different attitude and approach to its colonial citizens, All justified their actions through racist attitudes to colour and culture. Dubois and others protested to Queen Victoria about the Treaty of Berlin which carved up Africa in an arbitrary manner, the huge scale problems created remaining with us.
35. All Different. All Equal.
Education pack from the Council of Europe
36. All Different. All Equal, Domino. A manual to use peer group education as a means to fight racism. xenophobia, anti-semitism and intolerance.
37. Roots of Racism. Book 1
38. Race Equality and Education in Birmingham
recent research into educational achievement
39. The Story of Africa
Basil Davidson’s book on the Channel 4 series
John Tyrrell, consultant, Education and Equality
Began teaching career in 1967, joining Birmingham’s Department for Teaching English as a Second Language in 1968. Senior Member of Department, 1972 with responsibility for resources appropriate for diversity.
Member of Birmingham Community Relations’ Council Education Committee and then BCRC. NUT delegate to Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education (SACRE) working on Handbook for RE (1975) and supplement (1982). Helped develop material on Islam and introduced section on African Caribbean religious experience.
Member of advisory board of B.Ed. (Multicultural Studies) at Birmingham Polytechnic. Editor of Contact, journal of Society for the Advancement of Multicultural Education. Member of National Association for Multiracial Education.
Founded Multicultural Resource Unit, 1979. Chair of All Faiths For One Race and Birmingham Interpreting and Translating during 1980s.
Director of Vital Link Educational Limited since 1993, publishing educational material and organising in-service education for teachers.
1995 elected as Councillor to Birmingham City Council. Chaired Life-long Learning Sub-committee, Contract Services, Best Value Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet Member for Transportation and Street Services. Vice-chair of Equalities and member of Birmingham Stephen Lawrence enquiry.
Manager of Asian run project to look at inequalities in health, particularly mental health. 2004-5.
Teacher at Camp Lane Development Centre Ltd (African Caribbean) 2005-6.

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