Banners to Order

The picture of Bill Challis with banner comes from the demonstration to save Rover in Birmingham. Bill was amazed when in the Birmingham Central Library he found this picture on an official postcard. When the occasion arises Bill is the man to see about an appropriate banner. On another occasion a group of us went to London to the Labour Party Headquarters, then at Millbank. Bill prepared the (two-sided) banner and he and Cllr Phil Murphy took up position.
Bill's Banner
At Millbank we were invited inside with a petition containing over 250 signatures of Labour Party members in Perry Barr Constituency alarmed at the clearly rigged selection procedure. Although postal voting at elections became an issue this year, this had come from long practice in the art. The banner did its work and it was seen on television across the Midlands Region at least. The rest of us went in to meet Lord (Tom) Sawyer and some party officials who listened to what we had to say. There was clear unease that two of us had failed to come in with our banner. Since the National Executive Committee was meeting the banner was seen by Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and a number of Cabinet members. Tony smiled and waved to Bill and Phillip.
Banners at Millbank
Banners at Millbank

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