Arthur Scargill on Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit

Arthur Scargill on Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit

One of the worst aspects of the period leading up to the 2019 General Election was that few claiming to be on the left, both in the Labour Party would dare criticise Corbyn’s response to Europe falling in line with Blairites in the party and others who campaigned to remain. Arthur Scargill has been active in opposing the European Union recognising it does not support the working class. Quite the opposite since it is run by financiers who have vested interests in international finance and showed in the 2007/8 financial crisis that they were prepared to bail out banks with unlimited funds. They followed this by supporting austerity and privatisation, opposing trades unions and their members. Countries in the EU that were weaker financially, such as Greece, face enormous pressure which affected key services to people. Meanwhile the wealthy elite thrived and capitalised on the crisis.

Neoliberalism has ravaged the world, and now a global pandemic has followed in its way exposing the ruling elite. Health services already ravaged by neoliberal policies of cutbacks and savings have been ill prepared. There is a total dependence on working people to step up to the front line to deal with the deadly virus at great cost to themselves and their families. They are having difficulty getting adequate protective equipment that is essential for their welfare. Testing, found to be key in China and others battling the pandemic, is hardly in sight.

Takis Fotopoulos writing in 2016 characterised the Brexit movement as one leading a response to neoliberalism and globalisation when working class people had suffered significantly because of austerity, withdrawal or privatisation of essential public services and opposition to union membership.

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