The entrails left by profiteers. Life is cheap

As I understand all life derives from a single source and we can see that we are just a part of this evolution. Yet the mass market of food production takes little into account about what is necessary for a quality of life among animals and crops produced. Since we are inextricably linked human life and welfare will be deeply affected. Profits are all, welfare nowhere as we can see by the entrails left by profiteers. Life is cheap to them.

Chicken is cheap – probably cheaper than chips – yet its production leaves many question with the entrails – literal as well as in fact – leave a trail of harmful and deadly bacteria. The agencies charged with ensuring we have a supply of nutrious, healthy food are seriously challenged. One or two articles and programmes have documented intensive production. It is characterised by low wages, shocking working conditions with health and safety of workers difficult to spot. The problem is we don’t know where our food is sourced. If we did we wouldn’t want it.

This week President Obama landed in UK, prospective trade agreement TTIP in hand. Stay in the EU in trumpeted, otherwise UK will be at the back of the queue for trade agreements. Isn’t that precisely what we want? TTIP would take away any ability to challenge the filthy part of the food industry when corporate interest takes over from ours with ability to take even governments to court if they question damage to health by, not only tobacco, but harmful food production. Thanks, but no thanks Barack.

One thought on “The entrails left by profiteers. Life is cheap

  1. David Marchesi

    at the risk of being characterised as “curmudgeonly Stalinists” by the intelligentsia and by The Sun and “The Mail” (probably in more “populist” language) we need to push for healthier life-styles, which means lower consumption of better quality food (and lower alcohol usage)
    There is just a small chance that small-scale farmers and other businessses may see that re-ordering State subsidies in their direction rather than that of the agribusinesses etc is possible, if only we push for it.
    In “popular front” style, there could be mileage in promoting an alliance of small producers and service suppliers with the workers. Admittedly, many of these are currently seduced by the Greed is Good gospel (the thatcherite spiv economy), but, in some cases at least, there is a respect for work which is a core value of socialism.
    Brexit should mean an opportunity to push for a more human-scale economy in face of the rampant consumerism of the last c. 40 years.


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