My Beloved Home!!! Gazan Young Writers “Mosab and Mohammad”


Arif`s family got their breath back after about forty five days at the UN school and its bad circumstances. They lived in what no one would live in miraculously. The class, that they used to live in, had more than seven stricken families, and every family of those had more than eight members including crying babies and little needy children. The class was really crowded as though there was an enthralled audience watching a very heroic film. The crying of the babies filled the place and the groans of the elders were heard as if it was a room in a full of patients hospital. Men did not know how to stop their and their children`s suffering as there was no choice except accepting their cursed fate. Women were just thinking of nothing, but were thinking anyway. The clashes between couples filled the class and the slapping on cheeks was really hard. The situations there were really too dreadful and merciless for Arif and his family who were patient until the final spurt of the brutality. Once they heard the news about the ratified ceasefire, they forgot every bad moment that they lived in.

“Let’s gooooooooooo!!!” Arif cried out happily at his family.” Let’s go back to our home. It`s waiting for us as we used to wait for this moment!!”
“Al Hamdulilah,” Arif`s wife praised her God smiling at her husband,” Finally we got to go to our beloved home and enjoy our life with our children like others.”
The wife wanted to collect the things that the charities donated for them, but Arif stopped her” What are you doing? We are not going to take anything from this place to our home. There are still many families lost their homes and they need these things.”

Arif`s wife got smiled and collected asked her children to begin the magnificent journey to their home!!

While walking towards home, everyone of Arif`s family was thinking of what he/ she would do once arriving the home. The girls thought about their pink room that their father painted for them before the beginning of the aggression. They thought about the big dulls and toys that they will play with. The little boys thought about the pets that they left at their home and about their little babies that should have been bigger by now. The eldest son thought about his new room that his Father built for him to get married in. The mother was thinking of her lovely big kitchen that she missed and the clothes that her husband gifted to her in their wedding. All were thinking about their lovely things except Arif who was really worried about the shock that he would get if something would happen to his home. He just stayed silent waiting for the emergence of the home.

After half an hour of walking, the family arrived at the area of their home happily diving into their hopes and dreams, dreaming for a better future and thinking positively, but the scene that they saw as they arrived destroyed their dreams and turned their hopes into ghastly horrible nightmares.

The home was disappeared as though someone uprooted it and threw it into an unknown placeā€¦

Mohammad S Arafat (Mr. Pen)

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