Not a Dream. Mohammad S. Arafat, Gaza


“There were neither bombs nor rockets. There were no bullets and no buzzing of the annoying drones. The sky was so clear and the atmosphere was really lovely. The sun of the morning was as bright as the moon in the moonlit night.
He looked all round and saw what no one would see. The swans were croaking loudly beautifully, ambling in the blue gleaming ponds around him. The nightingales were filling the skies, smelling the fresh breeze of the morning, flying happily, singing their private favorite songs, making a whistled concert through the air. The beautiful colored goldfinches were going in and out their warm roosts bringing delicious food for their little babies. The fish under the deep sea were swimming and chasing each other through the mazes, making a game as it`s their marriage period. The green high trees made shades for him so he could lie down and eat from the scarce edible colored fruit that he picked from the pendulous bunches over his head. The small beautiful children with their white faces and black gleaming hair were running around the tree that he was lying under, smiling at him, hoping him to come and join them. The white steady horses were racing each other on the golden shore in front of him with their manes flying. The yellow green frogs were croaking loudly in the transparent lakes with their small lovely heads out the water. They were blowing out their cheeks like two bubbles so they could crock loudly.” That, merely, was his simple dream while sleeping before a snatched rocket invaded his room and destroyed his body leaving bowel out. His body was thrown yards away….

feeling Nothing….


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