Heads they win, tails we lose

Politics today is discredited for very good reasons. Once politicians get into office they are immediately bombarded with offers from lobbyists as soon as they walk through the door of our “democratic” parliament. Directorships are on offer for them and their families. so whose tune will they dance to then? Not yours and mine, but those of the big powerful corporations that have a handle on all parties in Westminster. Very few resist. George Monbiot likens them to glove puppets on the right and left hand.

With privatisation of everything our national wealth, gained from the efforts of all of us, are handed out to the few for profit, win or lose, effective or poor service – most usually the latter. So while we froze or nearly drowned this Christmas when the lights went out for many the very companies hiking their charges failed us but still ended up with largesse paying the Chief Executive millions. Why? If ever there was an argument for re-nationalisation of our utilities this must be it.

The Independent “exclusive” cited above began by being a main headline, although the editor placed the story of a celeb., Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident above. Both were then replaced by the news of a mile-long train blowing up in Dakota in the USA. Another illustration of how people and safety are relegated in the bid for never ending wealth but only for the few. The question is begged that while it is reported there were no injuries, will the people escape the clouds of toxic gases released!?

Over in the Guardian, Polly Toynbee is also reminding us about “useless” politicians and their spectacular breaking of promises they made to get elected. It’s our fault that we put them there and then let them off the hook she says.

As for the New Year we learn that G4S, a spectacular failure in 2013, is to have its contracts extended in the prison service in spite of declarations to the contrary, and the small problem of the outstanding fraud investigation into G4S and Serco. We need to know which of our politicians have personal interests in them and their ilk.

Companies charged with organising Government “services” like G4S, Servo and ATOS are allowed oversight of the poor and the vulnerable. It takes us back centuries and archaic views of how this group, as defined by the powerful, require management. The companies are typically huge operating internationally. Typically they will be operating offshore and minimising their tax commitments. The view that it is the economically inactive – including the elderly – who are the drain on society is overturned. It is these wealthy organisations, cosseted by governments and politicians, that are the true parasites

2014 is high time for a fundamental rethink of priorities.

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