The Untouchable

G4S hit the headlines again, but what does it take to reign in this and other corporate giants which behave like Frankenstein’s monster?

G4S has recently the object of a takeover bid. The offer is from a financial concern. As this article reveals the interest in these concerns is monetary and maximising profit. Single organisations now have interests in a diverse range of activities many targetting hitherto public services. Serco, Capita and others have their fingers in many pies occasionally like G4S attracting disbelief in their activities. This seems to be easily shrugged off and it’s business as usual. Whether the services they deliver are effective as services to us doesn’t matter. They are The Untouchable.

Look at this article on the crisis in benefits. Note the mention of The Untouchable Atos and Capita, profiteering at the expense of the desperate in need of vital support that we once proudly gave. Are they up to the job of making assessments on highly vulnerable people, that is when they have reached the end of the queue, surviving without any visible means of support until they are assessed. So you have to actually have to be deceased before you aren’t declared fit to work? Typically on their web pages they project themselves as ethical, caring enterprises as they without exception continue to operate offshore as they offer advisory services to show others to do the same. Unfortunately those compelled to seek benefit payment are unlikely to benefit from their skills and advice.

Anger at the world of economics inhabited by The Untouchable seems to have reached bastions of elitism as a debate at Cambridge University demonstrates.

The massive Corporations have been allowed to become more powerful than Governments. Clearly Governments and their politicians play a major rile in determining that they thrive and become ever more dominant in running the world. As we learn from Dave Nellist directorships are on hand for MPs and their families from the moment they enter the doors of parliament.The so-called revolving door ensures our elected representatives are comfortable for life with offers of advisory positions in and out of office. In consequence is is highly likely that The Untouchable will not only remain untouched but will continue to benefit from tax payers money to inflate profits in perpetuity. What services do these scoundrels not profit from> Schools, land and equipment are handed over freely, all paid for by us, health service are outsourced, benefits as we have seen and back to the start prisons with G4S (not) in control. Seems it doesn’t matter how bad the service, or lack of it, they gain. We lose. Time to act.

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