The Untouchables. Austerity, what austerity?

“Austerity”. Why have we bought it hook line and sinker as the Untouchables rake it in? We’re powerless – individually that is – to do other than pay up – that’s if we have the ability to pay for our essential services – care, utilities, food.
This is in this week’s news.
1 The Queen. She continues to be useful to the hangers’ on who always push her forward in hard times to justify to accept largesse.
2 MPs protesting about the £10,000 pay rise about to be forced down their throats as their constituents lose benefits, services and means to continue their existence. “They couldn’t give a toss”.
3. “Unprecedented” conflict of interest The revolving door spins ever quicker.
4. Large retailers ‘hold’ over food banks’ gives them even more political sway.
A Lancashire reader writes:
“It would be excellent if donors to foodbanks chose to support local village or high street independents rather than buy their donated food from the large corporates.
“If someone stands to benefit from the purchase of the donated food, let it be the small and medium sized businesses that are of great value, as the money is likely to remain within the community instead of going to wealthy foreign investors like Warren Buffett who always profits from the little man and the poor.
“A PR exercise to boost the sales of the large corporate retailers, one in particular, is under way, as people flock to their stores to spend their money instore while also supporting “the cause” by buying extra items. Of course our favourite retailer – Not – will top up food donations by 30% on 5th & 6th July. Think of what they will earn on the rest of the shopping of the generous customers attracted to the project who may not have shopped there before.
(On the website of one such store we read that, “customers will be given special shopping lists to encourage them to buy everyday food items like cereals, rice, instant coffee, tinned food and sauces. Collections will take place between 9am – 6pm in Tesco stores).
The reader continues:
“I am very wary of the large retailers having such a hold over this project and taking over yet another controlling role giving them even more political sway than they have already.
“This may also provide an over-generous income stream for charity organisers commanding a lucrative salary and the often over-indulgent expenses connected with their work while the front lines are staffed with volunteers”. From Political
5. The Beeb – ours or theirs? Here’s the answer. One rule for them, another for us. And ours is the one that is written down but ignored as it suits them!
6. Food production and the redistribution of wealth subsidising the rich.
7. Education. Gove plans to introduce profit into the classroom.

Has Capitalism failed the world? Evidently you don’t have to be a Socialist to believe it, but it helps!!!
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