The Effects of Egyptian Crisis on Gazan People by Mohammad Arafat

No one can deny the he or she does not know Gaza strip and its great people. Gaza strip is located in Palestine (a besieged strip from Palestine) and it has the most populous area around the world. It has about 1.79 million people (26400 people per kilometer).
Gaza is always full of crises and bad situations with dead conditions. It`s affected by any country around it or even far of it. This great strip was living in good conditions before the occupation besieged it. It was besieged in 2006 after the legislative elections. As a result, all the ports were closed from the two sides (Egyptian and Israeli). So Gaza felled of crises and touchable problems from that time. The average of sick people has increased and the diseases have spread. Many poor people have emerged in Gaza and the poverty began to increase gradually, so Gaza was suffering with no answers from the other countries.
In that siege, Gazans did not relinquish and they stayed patient with faith of Allah. They did not lose the mercy of Allah and used to make Salah( Praying) daily and nightly to Allah to get them their main rights of life. They always say that Allah is with them and will never forget them.
All the world know that Gaza has about 97% of literate people full of genius youth, so a bunch of these clever people has invented underground passages between Gaza and Egypt used for importing and exporting the missed goods called ( Gaza tunnels). That news made Gazans happy and proud of their genius clever inventors. This news began to emerge in the other countries. Some of them refused that and the other agreed with the great people of the great strip and became proud of being supporters of Gaza.
Gaza tunnels became the only nerve of life for Gazans. They import what they missed from major and even minor goods. They import petrol for power stations and power generators. They import cement which Gaza lost for four years. They even export some goods. The tragic sarcastic thing is that the tunnels are used for people to travel by. So the tunnels are great way for feeding and serving Gaza and its people.
Of course the nation in Gaza is related directly to Egypt and its people. We all know what happened in Egypt in January of 2011. The Egyptians made a great revolutions called 25th of January revolution. They were protesting daily and nightly until they made the ousted president Mubarak step down. And these days the Egyptians are protesting in order to oust Mohammad Mursi and finally they did. But the problem is now Egypt is divided into two sides, the first one are is Mursi`s supporters and the other is the opposition of Mursi. So All these problems affect Gaza and its fate.
As a result, The tunnels were blocked and even the Rafah crossing point which opened recently. The blocking of tunnels and the crossing point of Rafah resulted many bad situations and problems in Gaza.
1-No Petrol.
2-No Gas.
3-No Cement.
4-No main goods.
* The Effects of Lacking Petrol on Gaza:
Petrol is the column of the industry revolution. It`s used in factories and power stations and even for transportation and boats. And of course Gaza uses it in industry and for vehicles and even for the only station power. The lacking of petrol made many bad conditions in Gaza. It made many cars and vans stop. Most of ambulances and fire trucks have stopped suddenly. Many factories and bakeries stopped of working. The streets in Gaza became empty of vehicles and even of people. Many fishers stayed home because of lacking the petrol for their boats. There are about 3700 fishers has stopped working and they have big families need food daily and they are hundreds of other workers stopped of working those days.
Lacking of petrol resulted many accidents in Gaza like firing homes and choking children of smoking when the families make fire instead of the light of power. Many children have killed of using fire and candles to make lights.
*The Effects of Lacking Gas on Gaza:
Gas is used in many ways and for many usages. No home can stand without gas. The housewife uses it for cooking and boiling water for showering, but in Gaza those days, the housewives sit in their homes without gas. They use the fire for cooking and boiling water. That resulted many fire accidents and killed many families in Gaza recently. Nowadays every home must has fire to cook by and many of them don`t have the wood for fire.
*The Effects of Lacking Cement on Gaza:
Gaza has about more than 40000 building workers. Lacking of cement and its derivatives resulted many problems in Gaza and made those entire workers stay home with no work nor money to feed their families and even their children.
*The Effects of Lacking Main Goods on Gaza:
The tunnels opened in order to get the main goods that lost in Gaza. In the recent events in Egypt and after blocking the tunnels and the ports from the two sides, most of main goods were missed from Gaza and that of course warns of what will happen in Gaza of starvations and poverty.
The tunnels solved about 70% of Gaza requirements. Many of unemployers got new jobs with good salaries and could feed their families easily, but now 95% of those workers have no job to get money by.
So will the world look at Gaza and see what does it need?
Will the Egyptian army open the tunnels again and let the people of Gaza complete their short life on their land safely?
Gaza strip hopes to get answers soon because its people are dying slowly!!!!!


Report from the Egyptian press on a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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