Hester walking, Bore talking

How do the rich become wealthy? How do the poor stay that way? Is it their entrepreneurial skills that get a talented few to the top, household names like Branson, Sugar, Blair, Mandelson et al as their celebrity allows them to wine and dine with the mighty. More about Bobby.
Today we have the news of Stephen Hester leaving RBS having been put in place to put things right and then getting tangled with the Libor scandal. In spite of this Hester will walk away with a multimillion pound pay off. RBS is in large part nationalised. Who will pay? I suppose it’s us.
Meanwhile back at the ranch here in Birmingham, Council leader Albert Bore is scratching his head with what to do without any money for what heave been termed “essential services”. He is talking to us about what it is we want to keep out of the ashes that have been left in the name of austerity. “We will have to change” he warns stating the blindingly obvious. Clearly we can’t beat ’em so we will join them by making Birmingham lead in the country’s economy. Do we presume that this will lead to a form of trickle down to feed, house and protect our mist vulnerable citizens?
The problem is, as we can see above, he can’t count on being bailed out by his party as they too join in the grandest larceny ever with public funds being handed over to bolster profit. Schools, hospitals, even prisons contribute to the likes of the Chief Executives of G4S, and ATOS who thrive at the expense of the peoples’ misery. They take over key services providing poorly trained, low paid staff.
Is austerity necessary? Yes it is if you have the view that the key to a successful economy is maximising profit and rewarding the few who happen to be in the right place and the right time. This is the dominant version espoused by politicians, the elite who court them and a press ever more tightly reigned in to serve their purpose. Many more are seeing through the great lie and as the power of the state is abused resistance will intensify as we have seen across Europe in Spain, Greece and now Turkey. It will not be taken lying down.

Even more about Bobby. In the case of Mandelson it is more a case of a spinning more than revolving door.
Oh and let’s not forget Cameron and his whole cabinet stuffed with the over privileged. As with Bliar Cameron is in full denial that he has a few pennies to rub together! Interesting that the media outing the politicians are the Mail and Telegraph so it’s not a case of the have-nots envy, is it?
Nick Clegg, not short of a bob or two himself, seems out of step by proposing a wealth tax which hit the headlines last year. Now the silence is deafening.

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