Forbidden to return (A Real Fairy Tale) from Mohammad Arafat in Gaza

Ahmad and his family were living in Alafola village in Palestine. Their life was full of happiness and relaxation. Ahmad was working in a small farm in harvesting olive trees. He and his family were always visiting their farm in the morning. They were eating and using what they got from their farm like olives and olive oil. Ahmad had few cows and goats that he used to cow and eat their meat. He also had a group of hens with a rooster to get eggs from.
Once, Ahmad heard from his neighbors that the Israelis attacked the neighboring villages and kicked the people out. He was afraid of what he heard and was asking himself” what will we do if they attack ours? I have a big family of six and two small babies”. Ahmad and his wife Mariam could not sleep that night thinking of what they heard.
In a foggy morning, Ahmad heard a massive missile was shot beside his home and suddenly his home shook, so he said that the bomb was just the beginning of the war on their village. He went to his farm to see what happened to the tame animals. In the way to the farm, Ahmad met his friend and started to speak about the bad situations in the village and what happened to Ahmad`s home. Accidently, while they are speaking, a shell was shot by them and his friend got a fragment in his neck. Ahmad was shocked and took his friend to the hospital.
The next morning and after Ahmad went back home from the hospital, he found large groups of Israeli soldiers were around the village. They were warning its people that they would destroy it if they did not leave, so Ahmad noticed many villagers started to emigrate towards the neighboring villages and cities. Firstly, Ahmad did not go out and stayed home with his family, but when the Israeli army attacked them in their home and warned them that they will destroy it, Ahmad and the family left their home and hastened towards Gaza forgetting everything in their home. The family decided to go to Gaza because it`s empty of soldiers as they thought.
On the way to Gaza, the family had neither food nor water to feed even their little children. They forgot everything in their home. They were lucky that it was cold so that they were not too thirsty, but it was a strict situation for the innocent family. Finally the the hard situation forced them to start on their way to Gaza. They were not alone in that time going to Gaza. They were immigrating with many other villagers and citizens from Aka, Jaffa, Ramlah and Haifa. When the family arrived in Gaza after a difficult time of sacrifices, they got a small tent to live in and two dishes of soup with some pieces of bread. Mariam (the wife) distributed the food to all children, but while she was doing that, she began to scream and cry ”Where is my daughter Ayaaaah???” she left her middle daughter Ayah in their home in Alafola. The wife did not stop crying. She said that she is the first responsible for her daughter’s loss, but her husband Ahmad came to her and assured her that he will return to the village and look for the girl. The wife firstly refused and did not let him go. She said” we lost one from the family and we cannot lose another one, please don`t go!!” but in the same time she needs her daughter back to hug and kiss her. In the night, the family went to sleep sadly, but could not sleep. They were thinking of the girl and the home. They were thinking of what happened to him and to their neighbors who lost many of their children there. Finally the wife slept and the husband started his way to return to Alafola to get the daughter.
Ahmad began his strict trip to Alafola. He passed Gaza`s borders and some other blocks hardly to arrive the distention of his home. He thought was about to die of the bullets in that area. Finally he arrived the village and was shocked when he saw his home in a conflagration and about to collapse. He began to scream and cry. He entered the home and suddenly found his daughter passed out through the smoke. He picked her up and threw himself out through the window of the home. The father was so sad about his daughter’s condition and at the same time happy because he found the girl safe and sound.
Ahmad stayed in front of his home for moments thinking of his home how it was and how it is now. He decided to go back to Gaza, but two Israeli soldiers saw him with the unconscious girl . They stopped him and asked him to leave the girl and go out the village. Ahmad refused, but the soldiers warned him that they will kill him with the girl inthe same time, so Ahmad told them” I prefer to die beside my daughter to go to Jannah with each other Inshallah” .You can shot me with my daughter now. The soldiers forced him to leave the girl and then they hit him. One of the soldiers went to the girl and started to swear at her then he killed her and stamped on her face by his boots. The father began to cry and scream for his daughter, so the soldiers carried him out the village and he completed his way to Gaza with a huge mountain of depression. When he arrived Gaza and entered the tent, he and the wife began to cry and wail between their children. They were crying about their home and girl. They were crying about their bad situations. They were crying about what happened to Palestine and its people.
After 20 years of sadness and depression, the family developed their tent to a small home consisting of two small rooms and a bath. The UNRWA helped them in that home and gave them food and water. The children became young and Ahmad with the wife got too old.
One cloudy evening, an Israeli jeep came to Ahmad`s home to arrest his oldest son Mohammad. Ahmad could not force them to leave Mohammad because he was too old, so the son forced away leaving them alone. He had not even a knife to defend himself with. Finally he went to the jail where the soldiers were. They beat him and swore at him on the way to the jail. When they arrived at the jail, the jailers carried Mohammad in and began to torture him and ask him why he was throwing stones at the soldiers, but Ahmad said ”this is our right to defend ourselves and resist you. This is our land and no one can take it from us. We will get the freedom soon Inshallah”.
Mariam was so sad about their bad experiences. She tolerated a lot but was always saying” I lost my home in Alafola, I lost my daughter, I lost my son, but I will not lose my homeland ‘Palestine’. One day we will return.
Story by Mohammad Arafat, Gaza.

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