In South America the battle of need over greed is being won

As Equador President Correa retains his hold on the presidency decisively we once again see that the battle of need over greed is being won across the region. At the same time we in the west are losing big time as the world of banksters and corporate greed that are characteristics of Capitalism grind down the poor and vulnerable. Here is a different world view. (New York Times reports here. Note the sting in the tail!) cf Russia Today report.
Not that the western Capitalist media help understand. The question has been asked what if the NY Times covered US news as it portrays Venzuela? So it’s helpful to have sites like Venzuelanalysis tell us more to give a more rounded view, something vitally important to those who have been given access to health, education housing as a result of changes so far. No one is pretending that the battle over poverty has been won, but forces are at work to see that the process is reversed and a wealthy and greedy elite is returned to power.
At the same time Hugo Chavez, reported as dead by the ever hopeful western sources, has returned to Venezuela where he will continue to have treatment. As he leaves Cuba, Fidel Castro, also presumed dead many times over, writes to Chavez a letter of encouragement and hope: hope for all of us who wish to see the ascendency of need over greed.

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