Speaking from Handsworth

Last year’s looting and burning once again linked to Handsworth, a name removed from prominence in many areas. The University Campus calls itself “Hamstead” from the nearby village in Sandwell. It used to be a parliamentary constituency, but this was replaced by Ladywood and now Perry Barr. Lord Boyle, former Secretary for Education was pleased to add “of Handsworth” as does Lord Morris today. To those who live here there is pride in the name and Handsworth can boast many names of famous personalities in music and sport. It seems to be a sort of Harlem in the UK.
There was unrest last year, but it was by no means confined to Handsworth. In 1985 trouble was centred on neighbouring Lozells but have gone down in history as the “Handsworth riots”. I was a councillor for the former “Sandwell Ward” from 1995 to 2004 which was a pleasure from beginning to end. Everyone believed they lived in and paid their taxes to Sandwell authority, but it was part of Handsworth in Birmingham now renamed as “Handsworth Wood Ward”.
This is what a young resident believes happened last year.

One thought on “Speaking from Handsworth

  1. Mbk

    Young Sir, you were baptised by fire as is said, during your first days as a City Councillor. This period justifys the faith we had placed in you, from long before you were elected to office. I certainly join with you in saying how well our West Midlands Police Service have worked, not only in Lozells but around the Birmingham (Perry Barr) Constituency and it’s attendant Wards.


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