If there’s any hope for the world it’s right here

While the western world has been busy meddling in middle eastern countries a new phenomenon has emerged in Latin America. States of various political hue have come together to work jointly to develop their economies.
“Caribbean and Latin American leaders vowed to bring their economies closer together as they sealed the deal for a new regional bloc in Caracas on Saturday.
The 33-member Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) includes Cuba as a full member and excludes the US and Canada, in contrast to the Washington-based Organisation of American States.”
Source “Morning Star” 3/12/2011.
Hopefully they will have in front of them the failed European model which was developed on the back of Capitalism as propounded and propagated by the United States. The exclusion of the United States and Canada and the inclusion of Cuba mark the organisation as something fundamentally different from the norm established by the dominating north of the continent.

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