The thin veneer of civilisation

Just scratch the surface of what we fondly think of as civilisation and we get this. Go a little deeper and you’ll find this.
Another extra judicial killing and not just the Sun but a good deal of the rest of the UK media crow about Britain’s role in Libya. It is claimed it was not the same as Iraq and that there was a UN mandate for this. As I remember it the agreement was to “protect civilians”. Wasn’t “regime change” ruled out? The execution of Saddam Hussein was a political act of revenge by his enemies, that of Osama bin Laden (if it was him – I have my doubts, especially when Benazir Bhutto claimed he had been dead for some time. as has she herself) and now Gaddafi. Who is next. Well not the tyrants in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, made rich, powerful and untouchable by the same bunch glowing with pride at this barbarism. Is this supporting terrorism? No it asking for people to act like the civilised individuals they claim to be. It is they who are recruiting sergeants for terrorism. They are also the friends of the arms dealers who want bigger and better wars, and increasing markets for death and destruction. Their operators won’t get hurt when they drop their illegal cluster bombs for little children to handle as toys, or play their computer games as they operate drones from their armchairs thousands of miles distant on real people.
The scene of Gaddafi’s end did look like the climax of the fox hunt where the baying hounds close in and tear their quarry to pieces. Oh no Gaddafi “was caught in cross fire” as the kindly, humane rebels ferried him to hospital in an ambulance. Didn’t look like that to me on the Russia Today video.
What’s next in Libya no one knows. Will they get the standard of housing, health and education that was once reported? Will they get the “democracy” promised by the likes of Cameron, bursting with pride at what has been done, while at the same time consigning his own people to savage cuts with many forced to the point of going without food, energy or essential services. Even Libya was better than that!

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