The homeless against the clueless

The culture of denial grows by the minute as more and more fall homeless. “Our statistics are accurate” they bleat when Manchester is shown to have 7 people on the streets. Four of then were spotted in one doorway.
In Essex a council prepares to send in the bailiffs to evict travellers who they say settled “without planning permission”. “We are not inhuman” intones the council leader “we are acting in the spirit of fairness.” Evidently someone down the road has been caught building without permission and ordered to pull down the offending structure. Didn’t say of it was his home though.
Among those facing being thorn out is a 72 year old widow. Her health is poor. “Do they want to flush us down the toilet?” she asks.
The government in he face of contradictory evidence maintains that figures they have are accurate and assures us changes to benefits has no bearing on the matter of homelessness. The homeless, the workless and the rest of us are led by the clueless who continue to dispossess the dispossessed taking away the essential services that held families and individuals away from destitution. The uncaring leadership of Cameron bleats outrage when there is a backlash. Just what did he expect?
Not that he is alone. My Lord Mandelson has been flaunting his planned £8 million home. Who is left to show a little humility in the face of concerted attacks on working people. It is clear which side of the divide New Blue Labour inhabits in this class war.

So how can those without even a roof over their heads reach the Tory dream unleashed by Thatcher of home ownership be realised. Affordability is fast falling away from many, and once again the young are facing difficulty entering the market. We’re going back to the days when the only thing you’ll own is a bit of cardboard under a bridge somewhere. Bloody Cameron.

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