It’s our high street banks that are morally bankrupt, not our kids!

Wars come and go, but increasingly we are dealing with permanent war. Why? Because it makes money stupid. That’s why our friendly high street banks are all funding the armaments industry which includes a very popular little weapon, the cluster bomb.
Occasionally in te UK an unexploded bomb turns up. In Laos, the Lebanon and other places where we thought the war was over the deadly bomblets exist by the million continuing to maim and kill indiscriminately. RBS, Lloyds TSB, HSBC and Barclays all continue to put their, no our money, into their production and presumably development. Although they are supposedly illegal. Mr Cameron while you talk of a “sick” society is this what you had in mind? It’s all glorified in the war games that kids can purchase for their computers or on DVD glorifying violence and sex unlimited. That’s how you come by your wealth, you and your mates. What hypocrisy!
We noted that Britain was also in business of manufacturing and using drones, another development of war deemed illegal internationally. Your mates include US and Israel as well as the millionaires’ club that now runs our country and defines and dictates that everyone else is sick except for them. Oh no I feel a sermon coming on. Better go and lie down!

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